Dyslexia/Dysgraphia: Ez-Read/Ez-Write fonts + 47 Student practice workbooks (Level II)

Forty two amazing workbooks with over one thousand .pdf student friendly worksheets on a USB-Aple-shape. One of the most comprehensive set of innovative teaching resources for struggling readers and writers. (Includes Level Resources as well).

NOTE: if you order the Download version, IT DOES NOT include the REUSABLE DRY ERASE pocket. It only includes the EzRead/Write Fonts and the 42 Workbooks, .pdf file format.

Product Description

  1. A hi-speed apple-shape usb 2.0 with the following software:
    • Dyslexia/Dysgraphia fonts(same as option 1.)
    • Fourty two amazing workbooks: with overone thousand student friendly worksheets stored on a handy usb flash drive, .pdf file format, ready to print.


This is one of the most comprehensive set of students friendly worksheets and innovative teaching

Over one thousand ready-to-print student friendly worksheets, games and activities addressing the following common challenges faced by children with dyslexia and dysgraphia:

Bilateralism • Directionality • Basic Shapes • Spatial Position • Spatial Orientation • Relationships • Pattern Decoding • Visual Memory • Visual Recognition • Reversals • Discrimination Pictures • Legibility • Sequences • Games • Letter Formation and Reading Comprehension •Letter Tracing and Letter Recognition: Tracing lower and capital letters • Letter Formation: Basic letter strokes •Letter Formation and Initial words: Matching letter words and images • Letter Book: My “A” Book • Numbers and Number Words: Recognize numbers and words • Initial Letters and Words: Practice upper and lower case• Initial Letters and Words: Additional practice • Color Words: Recognize colors and words • Calendar Words: Recognize calendar words • Tracing and Matching: Matching the word to its silhouette • Coloring Writing: Independent writing practice • Letters and Sentences: Initial letters and complete sentences • Letters, Words and Colors: Matching • Writing Initial Letters and Words: Practice  • Reading and Writing: Complete paragraphs • Matching Words and Pictures: Word discrimination • Writing Correct  Word: Completing sentences • Cut and Paste Words: Hand-eye motor skills • Letter and Words Games • Word Search: Letter Discrimination • Describing Objects:  initial letters word • Flash Cards: Letter and Word Games



  1. A reusable dry erase pocket, 9″ x 12″ with a dry erase marker that saves paper by allowing the same worksheet(s) to be used multiple times.Clean up is simple with a dry soft cloth or tissue (marker is included). • Our heavy- duty material will stand up to daily use.

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