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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent for autism handwriting, July 6, 2009

By              G. Nicholson

Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars Educational:5.0 out of 5 stars

Finding the font of most appeal, standardizing all worksheets to that font, and creating worksheets of high interest to my autistic child using these fonts stopped the frustration of learning and teaching handwriting. We even added use of the specific font into the IEP as the different fonts were so confusing to my child (which is the correct way to write an “a”?). We create blank standardized writing sheets to my child’s abilities (again in the IEP). Gotta get used to the backslash for blanks. Also can create math worksheets of high interest. The D’Nealian-Style fonts are similar to the Italic Handwriting series, without the transition to the cursive. Have used these fonts for 3 years now. Definitely worth the money!

Teachers embedded Software optimized collection

Product Description

31 Popular Fonts-Just for Teachers! Create your own custom handwriting lessons (manuscript, D’Nealian-style and cursive) with Fonts4Teachers, the best collection of teacher fonts available! Create professional-looking activity sheets for handwriting, math, phonics, reading, social studies, science, and language arts practice-in just a few minutes! Fonts4Teachers is not a program, but a set of 31 custom fonts that you can scale to all sizes and use with almost any application! Includes special tracing, lined, and arrowed fonts PLUS phonics, math, and decorative fonts for hundreds of classroom applications. Includes CD-ROM, teachers guide, and lesson plan booklet with sample worksheets and hundreds of ideas! Mac and Windows compatible.

Fonts4Teachers Is the most comprehensive collection of fonts for primary school education. See for yourself why thousands of teachers and school districts have decided to purchase it.

Features & Benefits

Fonts4Teachers is a CD-Rom that containing 31 scalable fonts for school and classroom use. In just seconds you can create professional-looking worksheets on subjects such as handwriting, maths, phonetics and critical thinking as well as homework sheets, fliers and bulletin boards. Look for Print, Cursive, Math, Phonics, D´Nealian-Style and Decorative fonts.

System Requirements

Mac Classic, Mac OSX

Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 2000

>> Here we go again … now how come the first thing I think when I see this is Ramón Abajo – 1999 – DownHill Fonts – abccursivearrow?

10 years old and still better. MUCH better!

Have fun and … be nice to the cats

To be honest, I don’t even know where to start with this review. This is a fantastic product. Are you looking to create your own worksheets? Integrate learning elements into printed text and presentations? Fonts For Teachers is for you.

I’ve been using this product for over 6 months now and absolutely love it.  Lets start with what you get:

  1. 31 fonts
  2. A gorgeous reference book with all of the fonts and how to use them
  3. A CD with all of the fonts on it for easy access.
  4. Excepetional support, what else can you ask for?

Fonts for teachers was created by Ramón Abajo, a former teacher and technology enthusiast.  The effort and detail oriented design that went into producing these fonts can not be ignored.  This tool is a must teacher resources for any teacher, educator or parent looking to expand their arsenal of teaching tools.   In particular, I love the picture fonts, the D’Nealian(tm) style fonts and the math fonts.  On their website, you can actually try some of the fonts for yourself, just go to: Fonts For Teachers Live Test to try some of their fonts out.

What’s even more amazing is the cost of using this invaluable tool (yes, you have to pay up), but guess what?  The pricing is beyond reasonable.  From $12.95 for 6 fonts to $39.95 for all of the fonts.  If you’re looking for a school license, that’s also available.

The reference book / instruction manual that comes with the CD is fantastic.  Full color, beautifully designed, easy to understand and clear instructions, you can just tell a lot of thought went into creating both the product as well as the marketing and reference resources.  Even better, the staff at the office is exceptional and resourceful.

Access the Fonts for Teachers Teacher Resource website here.

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