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Nothing motivates a young learner more that making his or her own book.

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Product Description

A Pop-up alphabet book that works!

Do you want to create a fun learning experience for your students? Do you want them to get excited and motivated about learning the alphabet, reading and writing? These fun and easy 2 Dimensional (2D)-Pop-up activities are the perfect ones to help guide your students through the learning experience.

Nothing motivates a young learner more that making his or her own book. Students will take pride in their own pop-up alphabet book knowing that they can share it with family and friends.The extra blank letter pages will allow them to insert words they may need to complete their stories.

These 2D/pop-up alphabet activities will help students to:

  • Learn the alphabet
  • Improve creative writing
  • Practice the alphabet and its sounds
  • Decorate your classroom by
    • Writing student’s names on their desk
    • Create tags and labels for your bulletin boards and learning centers

This set of activities comes with step-by-step instructions as well as a video tutorial, but the purpose is simple: print, cut, color, and glue. Don’t miss this opportunity to teach and learn with excitement.

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